Implicit bias in the courtroom essay

In the wake of Browns death, research on unconscious (or implicit) bias was featured prominently, sometimes repeatedly, in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and many other major media outlets.

implicit racial bias in public defender triage 2627 essay contents introduction 2628 i. overview of implicit racial biases 2629 ii. public defender triage 2631 iii. implicit biases effects on triage judgments 2634 A. Biased Evaluations of Evidence 2635 B. Biased Interactions 2636 C. Biased Acceptance of Punishments 2638 1. Sep 09, 2018 While scholars have started to look at a host of implicit bias issues in the courtroom, most have done so with mock juries or studies that more closely resemble social science labs than real courtrooms.

10 This Essay focuses on a single aspect of implicit racial bias in the courtroom: judicial sentencing. Adding implicit bias to the story explains why even without such explicit racism, the segregation of the past can endure into the future simply by the actions of rational individuals pursuing their selfinterest with slightly biased perceptions driven by implicit associations we arent even aware of. Implicit Bias in the Courtroom 1127 unfamiliar with implicit bias and its consequences.

To do so, we provide a current summary of the underlying science, contextualized to criminal and civil litigation Mitigating the Influence of Implicit Bias. Recognizing that implicit biases can yield inequitable outcomes even among wellintentioned individuals, a significant portion of implicit bias research has explored how individuals can change their implicit associationsin effect" reprogramming" their mental associations so that Abstract.

Given the substantial and growing scientific literature on implicit bias, the time has now come to confront a critical question: What, if anything, should we do about implicit bias in the courtroom?

The author team comprises legal academics, scientists, researchers, and even a sitting federal judge who seek to answer this question in Implicit bias is a term of art referring to relatively unconscious and relatively automatic features of prejudiced judgment and social behavior.

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