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While making the choice of a profession, tastes of the person concerned must be taken into consideration. Some professions are held in high esteem by society. Others are not respected so much. The entry of women in professions and services has further increased the complications. And so, the selection of a right career at a right time has become a very tough job. It needs proper, full and comprehensive consideration. There are professions, careers, trades and jobs in plenty. Dec 01, 2010 choice of a profession (my career choice) In olden days, choosing a profession was not all all a cause of worry.

A farmer's son became a farmer, a potter's son a potter, a king's son a king and so on. The choice of profession depends on so many considerations.

First, one is not conversant with the advantages and disadvantages of a profession. Secondly, one can ill afford to choose a costly career. Apr 01, 2008 My choice of Future profession is to be a Legal Administrative AssistantParalegal. In the law work field, the attorneys speak with their Paralegals and give directions in regards to everything they need and want to. Teaching Profession Essay teaching philosophy 382 Words. My hair is so god damn greasy i want to wash it so bad but i'm determined to finish this awful essay.

top college application essays 2016 why should go to college essay red badge of courage character essay so dawn goes down to day analysis essay Essay planning has turned into shopping on Pandora well written research paper introductions seize the day saul bellow analysis essay It should be made use of in finding out mental capacity of a person. The profession so chosen will enable the mental gifts of a person to blossom. But in a country like India where, there are so many problems like poverty, population explosion, unfavourable circumstances etc.

it is very difficult to get a job of choice. Essay on The choice of a profession Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Choosing a profession, is no doubt important in ones life. So, one should choose a profession after thinking over the pros and cons of it.

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