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Here are tips on when and how to include a salary requirement in a cover letter, as well as an example of a cover letter that lists a salary requirement. Also see below for more cover letter samples, and tips for emailing a cover letter and resume. If the potential employer is seeking salary history when they refer to salary requirements, then you should include the salaries that you made in all positions listed in the career history section of your resume.

Nov 07, 2011 Choose the cover letter or resume. You can put the salary history and requirement on the cover letter or the resume. However, you don't need it in both places. Just pick one or the other.

Most advisors recommend including the salary history in a statement in your cover letter rather than on your resume. Read our example cover letter Example requirement resume salary salary requirements below, to get some ideas on how you can write your own.

And for more about negotiating your salary, check out our article Salary Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid, which explains how to If the employer asks you to include your salary requirement in a different way (for example, in your resume), be sure to do so. There are a few ways you can include your salary history. First, you can include the history 3 Ways to Address Salary in Your Cover Letter Salary is such a delicate part of every job search.

You want the job but you don't want to work for free, and you don't want to take a pay cut if you don't have to. A salary history is a listing of what you have earned over the years, while the requirement is the salary you are seeking.

General Information You should never include your salary history or your salary requirements in your resume. Likewise, a job seekers salary requirement plays a big role in a firm's decision to interview and hire an individual.

Employers sometimes ask potential employees to include their salary requirement on their resume as a way of weeding out prospects who seek a salary higher than the company budget allows. By stating a salary higher than they might be willing to pay, you risk little harm, so long as you indicate that your salary requirements are flexible.

And at the same time, you are communicating that you already know your skills are valuable. My current salary requirement would range 40, 000 to 55, 000, with specifics flexible, negotiable, and dependent upon such factors as benefit structure, responsibility and advancement opportunity.

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