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To qualify as an ACCA member you have to complete the Ethics and Professional Skills Module. An ideal time for this is after your fundamental papers and before you begin your professional papers. The module introduces you to concepts and approaches that will help throughout the professional level.

Jun 27, 2012 ACCA encourages students to return to the module throughout their training in order to maintain their awareness of professional ethics. It may be particularly useful to do so during preparation for the professional level papers and while gaining your practical experience in the workplace. Apr 03, 2012 What I have learnt from the Professional Ethics module I have just finished the ACCA Professional Ethics module and learnt five key components of ethics from it. Firstly, I learnt that in order to make ethical decisions, we should think about the kinds of arguments that might influence us when we make decisions.

Acca Professional Ethics Module Answers. Morality is a set of rules concerning right and wrong behaviour. Ethics is the branch of philosophy that attempts to provide clear arguments about which moral rules are best and how those rules ought to be interpreted. There are several different ethical theories or frameworks for ethical decisionmaking, ACCAs Professional Ethics module is not another exam you get the chance to apply what you have learned in a case study where you experience an audit situation from two points of view: that of the auditor and the corporate financial accountant.

In the Ethics and Professional Skills module, the specific professional skills are ethics and professionalism, personal effectiveness, innovation and scepticism, commercial awareness, leadership and team working and communication skills. Acca professional ethics module case study answers i have got to the last section of the ethics module and i have to write about what i have learnt from the ethics module in about 100 250 words, i dont know where I found this ACCA blog which gave me an idea of how to write it: Hi i seem to have problem getting marks on the module professional ethics.

acca professional ethics module

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