How to write a diet book

How to Write a Diet Book lowcarbconfidential Books, Food, Goals, Mindset, Personal Journal, Uncategorized November 18, 2008 2 Minutes I always have an eye out for new diets, not that Im shopping around for something new Heck, a cleanse is useless for its intended purpose" detoxifying" but many people lose weight, because it is a crash diet. The same goes for diet books. If I write a" Lose Weight The Big Mac Way" book, and you follow it, you will get thinner, because I will say only eat 1, 000 calories in Big Macs a day.

Now You Too Can Learn How To Write Your Own Diet Book In 6 Easy Steps. This article is intended to be satirical though it would seem a great many diet books were created using this formula listed below. After you read it, think about the books youve read and compare how closely they relate to these directions. Thats the winning formula. For diet books, its the same theres a winning formula.

And I will reveal the secrets, free! The Promise. Usually the first part is the promise. This is what you can expect to gain from reading the book. In this case, its usually weight loss. But these days, most books promise all kinds of other benefits too. A big reason so many people struggle with diet and exercise is because the majority of diet and exercise books have overcomplicated the real issues.

At first, I thought it was me. Maybe my ideas are stupid. Then again, three of my books have been best sellers, and one of them even hit# 4 of the New York Times best seller list. The Zone and The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet have people answer questionnaires to find the diet they need. Single body part.

Zero in on something (The Abs Diet, The Cellulite Breakthrough, The Butt Book) that people would rather not display at the beach this summer. Single food. Other than The Rice Diet, these aren't currently in vogue. Most diet books spend about a quarter of the book discussing why their diet is scientifically proven.

This depends on your Hook, of course. If you have a cookie diet, then you need to discuss how your particular cookie is low in fat and high in fibre.

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