Can a resume be two sided

Never print a resume double sided. We know it can be tempting to get the most out of your expensive resume paper but it makes it more difficult for a reader to scan through your resume and it looks unprofessional. As you can imagine clients will find at least two sides to every creative effort they consider and the twosided resume is no exception. Whats important therefore, is to encourage them to research and uncover the brands, interests, missions and goals of the organizations they want to attract and use that information as a catalyst for a Jul 19, 2013  But before you add your latest and greatest skills and accomplishments, your brain interrupts with the job seeker debate: Should your resume be one page or two?

The answer, dear job seeker, isits all subjective. Jun 24, 2008 My resume is getting a little longer than I prefer, but I've trimmed to the max. It goes to the mid point of the second page. Is it taboo to double side it? I prefer to be environmentally conscience when possible and appropriate. Thanks. : D Oct 13, 2009 If you can, you should strive to have only a single page resume. If you truly cannot fit everything on one page, you should" ideally" have more than a half page long on your second page (a couple lines looks really tacky for a second page).

You shouldn't print double sided, but two separate pages. Jul 19, 2013  On your resume; your name, address and cell phone number, the position you are applying for, why you think you are the best person for the job, education (if you have a degreelist that only) and ONLY the experience which pertains to How can the answer be improved? Jul 10, 2017  Onepage vs twopage resumes: Some job seekers might want to trim their resume to fit on a single page.

If youre new to the job market, go with a onepage resume. If youre new to the job market, go with a onepage resume.

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