Benefits of limiting homework

For students aged 1113, homework appears to be of benefit, but not to the same degree as for older students. For these students, spending more than an hour or two on homework does not result in greater benefit. What benefits can be expected? What makes for good homework policies? Research doesn't have all the answers, but a review of some Benefits of limiting homework data yields some helpful observations and guidance.

10 Benefits of Homework. Homework teaches students about time management. We have to show them that there are numerous benefits of not only doing homework, but handing it in on time! If we allow students to only participate in video games of social media after all their homework is done, then homework becomes a winwin situation Asian American students may benefit more from homework than do students from other ethnic groups.

A national study of the influence of homework on student grades across five ethnic groups found that homework had a stronger impact on Asian American students than on students of other ethnicities (Keith and Benson, 1992). Homework has been a perennial topic of debate in education, and attitudes toward it have been cyclical (Gill& Schlossman, 2000).

Throughout the first few decades of the 20th century, educators commonly believed that homework California even established a law in 1901 limiting the amount of homework teachers could assign. Assigning homework is highly in favor now a days. Consider challenging your own views of the benefits of homework and try to create a level playing field when considering assignments. About InformED. While the act of completing homework has benefits in terms of developing good habits in students, homework must prove useful for students so that they buy in to the process and complete their assignments.

Another benefit of homework is to both the parents and students. If students have school work to do at home, parents will be able to see the kind of education their kids are getting. They are assured their children are into their studies and List of Pros and Cons of Homework. OccupyTheory. on 21 January, 2015 at 12: 00. Without homework, children would left to their own devices for figuring out their schoolwork, which would cause children who learn unconventionally to be left behind.

Homework has both benefits and drawbacks. When considering assigning homework, teachers should carefully reflect on the purpose of the assignment. The list of pros and cons below can help guide

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