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You probably already know that your contact informationwhich includes your name, address, phone number, and email addressshould always appear at the top of your resume, regardless of which resume format you are using. When developing a resume, start with your contact information name, mailing address, and so on.

Your resume should include the following Be sure to include full contact information for each of your references. List their full name, title, and company in addition to the street address, phone, and email. If the person prefers to use postnominal letters (PhD, MD, CPA, etc. ) or a title (Mr.Mrs.Ms. ) it is appropriate to include it with their name. Learn about the three types of resume formats (chronological, functional, and combination resumes) and resume keywords and action verbs.

Education. List your educational accomplishments, starting with your most recent or highest degree. Include the name and location of the institution List contact information resume, your degree, and field of studymajor.

Jul 17, 2017  Your contact information section is the most minor part of your resumebut its at the same time the most important. Make sure you follow the steps outlined above to get it right. Your name should be simple and displayed exactly as you do on your cover letter.

Place your contact information at the top of your resume; it should be the first thing the employer sees. Your name should be at the very top and should stand out. You might make your name a bit larger in font than the rest of How can the answer be improved?

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