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Watch video On December 18, 1879, in the Russian peasant village of Gori, Georgia, Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili (later known as Joseph Stalin) was born. The son of Besarion Jughashvili, a cobbler, and Ketevan Geladze, a washerwoman, Joseph was a frail child.

At age 7, he contracted smallpox, leaving his face scarred. Hi Joseph Stalin o Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin (ha Rinuso, ginluluwas nga [jsf vsrnvt staln;puyde liwat Josef Stalin o kundi man Jos Stalin nga natawo ha ngaran nga Ioseb Besarionis Dze Jugashvili, Hineorhyano: RESUME. BAB I. Kebangkitan Sang Revolusioner. Joseph Stalin lahir tanggal 21 desember 1879 di kota Gori provinsi Tiflis. Ayahnya seorang buruh tani berkebangsaan georgia. Pada musim gugur tahun 1888 Stalin masuk sekolah kependetaan di Gori.

Pada tahun 1894 ia dikirim seminari teologis orthodoks di tiflis. The USSR under Stalin was strong and the deployment of its armies to crush Nazi Germany was a great thing for the free world, but it was a response to Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union, not some altruistic act remember he started the war as a good friend of Hitler's, Resume joseph stalin him in carving up Poland.

Joseph Stalin; " Man of Steel" Joseph Stalin was the Russian Leader in the Second World War. Him and Hitler both wanted the same thing, to rule the world.

Joseph Stalin's army actually killed approximately 5 million more peo. My Project. Create a free website. Online shopping for Prime Video from a great selection of TV, Movies& more at everyday low prices. The Death of Stalin For the historical event, see death and state funeral of Joseph Stalin. It stars Steve Buscemi, Simon Russell Beale, Paddy Considine, Rupert Friend, Jason Isaacs, Michael Palin, Andrea Riseborough, and Jeffrey Tambor, with Olga Kurylenko, Paul Chahidi, Dermot Crowley, Adrian McLoughlin, and Paul Nov 12, 2009 Joseph Stalin ( ) was the dictator of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) from 1929 to 1953.

Under Stalin, the Soviet Union was transformed from a peasant society into an Joseph Stalin (born Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili; 18 December 1878 5 March 1953) was a Soviet revolutionary and politician of Georgian ethnicity. Stalin ordered an expedition in Africa, which gathered over 100 apes and monkeys for his plans of breeding an obedient soldier.

The secret research center was set in Sukhumi for breeding experiments on apes and monkeys under personal patronage of Stalin. Joseph Stalin was a Russian dictator that ruled the USSR with an iron hand from 1929, the year he became Lenins successor, until his death in 1953.

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