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In the reptile kingdom, it is the Komodo In this report I will be explaining a few facts about the Mesozoic era coming from the documentary The day the Mesozoic Died. This small film expresses how in many ways these creatures once inhabited our planet and disappeared completely in almost a blink of an eye. The Mesozoic Era could also be described simply [ A natural classification of reptiles is more difficult than that of many animals because the main evolution of the group was during Mesozoic time (a time of transition in the history of life and in the evolution of the Earth); 13 of 17 recognized orders are extinct.

Home Essays mesozoic era. mesozoic era. Topics: Cretaceous, Also the appearance of reptiles which made this Era known as the age of reptiles, also the appearance of birds and mammals started in this time period.

At the end of this time period there was a mass extinction that caused many of the living organisms to be Essays largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Mesozoic Reptiles The Mesozoic era was definitely a time of dominance for reptiles, as they could adapt to many habitats during this time. Flowering plants developed, and many other plants came into existence. Overall this era was a time of rebirth, as it began after a mass extinction, and saw many new plants, and animals in a variety of habitats.

Intro: Sixtyfive million years ago, some phenomenon triggered mass extinctions on the lands and in the oceans so profound that they define the geological boundary between the older Mesozoic Era, often called the" Age of Reptiles, " and the modern Cenozoic Era, the" Age of Mammals. "

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