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When you make the time for this spiritual exercise, you will appreciate it for a long time. Each journey into your personal mandala is a joy. Bell Seth October 9, 2013 Period 3 Mandala Essay Tomahawks My name is Seth Bell, I am 14 years old. I am a freshman at Desert Hot Springs High School I am going tell you about five symbols that represent my life. These five symbols are a Native Headdress, Dream Catcher, Family Tree, Tomahawks, and Adidas. Now, to draw your personal mandala circle, take a separate sheet of plain paper and trace a large circle on it.

Divide the circle into quadrants. Seven: Choose four symbols that resonate with you, wholeheartedly. Mandala Essay A mandala by definition is a geometric design which symbolizes the universe. While mine symbolizes something far smaller than the universe it is a design which symbolizes something.

Mandalas create circular symbolic designs, similar to that of Buddha's crown, which is the top spire, forming a circle on the Stupa. The hemispherical mound forms a drum shaped base. In addition to this, the head of Buddha forms a Oct 09, 2008 Check out our top Free Essays on Mandala to help you write your own Essay Period 6 AVID Mandala The five symbols in my mandala represent me.

Each symbol represents the most important things in my life. These five objects are other visual appealings of myself. The rainbow represents friendship. Friendship is hope, friendship to me is very important because friendship is like a rainbow.

Relax and open your mind: Making a personal mandala is an intuitive process, so take a few moments to quiet your mind before you begin. Start with a brief meditation, some easy breathwork, or some chanting to clear the mind and align yourself to the Divine. Jun 03, 2007 How to Find a Catchy Title for Your PaperEssay.

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