How to write a good news commentary

When you write a commentary essay, it is essential that you write for an audience who can relate to the topic your essay is about. If your topic is about controversial advances in medicine, your commentary will be slanted toward doctors and other professionals in the medical field and your goal will be to provide a commentary that will How can the answer be improved?

Aug 23, 2018 To write a commentary, write about your observations and analysis of the text you read. You should craft a clear and specific thesis statement about the novel, poem, or play you are evaluating. Your thesis statement should explain your stance or argument about the text. How to Write a Good Essay Part 1: Learn the Difference between Commentary and Summary You need to understand the difference between commentary and summary.

While both writing styles can be used to discuss another piece of work (like a play, book, movie, or poem), this is about the sum total of their similarities. Apr 01, 2011  Follow the StarTribune for the news, photos and videos from the Twin Cities and beyond.

What makes a good commentary? Ten guiding questions: April 1, 2011 12: 39pm Will your commentary MELAB Sample Essays and Commentary 1 Contents On the following pages are ten MELAB essays representative of each score on the MELAB Writing Rating Scale. Commentaries follow each sample some medical doctors who lack good character and do not care about their integrity can, because a patient does not have enough money Aug 25, 2018 How to Write a Literary Commentary.

A literary commentary is a detailed analysis of a passage of text, focusing specifically on the text itself. It should not be confused with a literary analysis essay, as it does not need a thesis

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