Agenda led outcome based analysis essay

Sep 10, 2005 Silverman JD, Kurtz SM, Draper J. The CalgaryCambridge approach to communication skills teaching. Agendaled, outcomebased analysis of the consultation. Educ Gen Pract 1996; 7:. What different outcomes would you like to explore?

Facilitator to listen, clarify, summarize, check Facilitator to consider whether to add in his own or the groups agenda PRINCIPLES OF AGENDALED OUTCOMEBASED ANALYSIS How to organise the feedback process. Start with the learners agenda ask what problems the learner experienced and what help he would like from the rest of the group Look at the outcomes learner and patient are trying to achieve How is AgendaLed OutcomeBased Analysis (communication guidelines) abbreviated?

ALOBA stands for AgendaLed OutcomeBased Analysis (communication guidelines). ALOBA is defined as AgendaLed OutcomeBased Agendaled outcomebased analysis in practice. Prior to showing the tape. Ask the doctor showing the tape to set the scene, describing prior knowledge of the patient and listing the extenuating circumstances!

We should know exactly what the doctor knew and was feeling when the patient entered the room and no more. It is AgendaLed OutcomeBased Analysis. AgendaLed OutcomeBased Analysis listed as ALOBA AgendaLed OutcomeBased Analysis How is AgendaLed OutcomeBased Analysis abbreviated?

LAP and Modified LAP BACKGROUND In the traditional long case candidates spend 3045mins with a patient from whom they take a history and examine. An examiner is not present and the candidate is not observed. ALOBA AgendaLed Outcomebased Analysis) detailed guidance below: We have redesigned our handouts for agendaled, outcomebased, anaysis (ALOBA) so that facilitators can easily access the key points when they are teaching.

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