Sample resume of a chartered accountant

Benjamin Tucci 1737 SW Big Tree Rd Dallas, GA (333) Job Objective To obtain a Chartered Accountant position How can the answer be improved? Chartered Accountant Resume. Resume; Accounting Resume; Chartered Accountant Resume; Chartered Accountants are the accounting professionals who have the same duties as certified public accountants but have an additional postgraduate degree as well as some relevant experience.

Chartered Accountants perform the same duties as other accountants; the only difference is that a chartered accountant has completed additional postgraduate education, as well as mentored work experience. Resume Format for CA. Administering financial statements including trial balance, profit& loss accounts, agewise accounts payables& receivables statements and balance sheets.

Supervising the preparation of monthly financials, evaluation of projects based on cost benefits analysis to arrive at its financial and commercial feasibility.

Excellent knowledge in handling Accounting system. Good command in applying fractions, percentages, ratios and proportions. Strong ability to use an automated accounting system. Good communication skills. Self motivated with high level of energy. Chartered Accountant Resume Tips It is important to understand that employers hire people, not degrees. The skills and knowledge you develop as a result of your education, as well as in your work and community activities, have

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