How to write a travel article

How to write a travel guide; Travel writing: is it all glitz and glamour? Photo credit: Michelle Collier. Write on the road, as you go along (back up onto a USB each night and guard it with your life); refine the text when you get home.

But take notes too. Deadlines are often surprisingly tight, and must not be missed. In a feature article, which includes travel and food articles, theres some latitude for where answers to those essential questions are placed in the story, but the gist of the story still covers the news fundamentals: where, when, who, what, why, and how.

Remember that most places you write about will already have been written about before. Your challenge is to find something new and original to say. Be Funny. Travel writing should mostly have a light, bright, lively and fun tone. An important rule of creative travel writing is to show, not tell, wherever possible.

Readers want to feel as if they're eavesdropping on a conversation, or being shown something secret and magical. People don't like being told what to think. How to Write Travel Stories That Sell. During the first days we write the Travel Diary (the not so informal part of the blog, but the more personal one) and then we go and look for stories means we walk through the city, get lost, try some food, talk to some random people and see if we meet some interesting stuff.

Five expert tips for getting started in travel writing Featured article Don George Lonely Planet Writer so the competition for a diminishing number of article slots is more intense than ever. On the other hand, as the internet evolves, the world around the internet the readers, travelers, travel industry providers, advertisers, sponsors Penzu will be your travel journal app; all you need is your mobile phone or tablet and can write in in it, with or without wifi.

You never have to miss an entry or forget a moment, as Penzu can come with you around the world.

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