Sales numbers on a resume

When you use numbers in your resume, you provide the hiring manager with the tools to begin calculating your monetary value and the incentive to urgently get in touch with you. So, when you sit down to write your resume, be certain you include some of the following 5 types of numerical selling points in your work experience and responsibilities.

Calculate your resume's results. Numbers offer solid proof that you deliver resultsand employers love results. Could you use a little help ensuring your resume is strong enough to attract a hiring manager's attention? G et a free resume evaluation today from the experts at Monster's Resume Writing Service.

You'll get detailed feedback in two A sales associate's resume would be incomplete without the use of numbers to quantify contributions and accomplishments. Sales associates should, however, use those numbers correctly and in the right context on their resumes.

SALES FIGURES: Just because someone closes a lot of deals, doesnt mean they are worth it. Some sales professionals are better at closing hundreds of smaller deals. Others are better at tackling a few huge deals.

Let the money do Make sure the numbers that you incorporate into your resume are accurate and will be supported by your references. Share your resume with references so they are aware of your specific assertions. Save any documents like performance appraisals or sales reports that confirm your numbers. Accomplishments can range from the numbers behind the sales revenue you generated and the projects you led to the number of awards received.

Obviously, start with the quantifiable accomplishments like delivered 128 of quota. Sales Associate: Resume Example Sales associates sell new and used merchandise, such as clothing, furniture, and automobiles.

They help customers find the products they want, and in some settings process customers payments. If you work in sales or finance, you have access to obvious metrics like sales volume, market share and profitability, but dont forget about peopleoriented numbers like customers served, people managed, and performance rank (# 1 sales person).

There is one thing that hiring managers are really looking for when scanning resumes of sales reps for medical device, laboratory sales, biotech sales, imaging sales, or any other health care sales position: revenue. That means they want to see the numbers (or percentages) of revenue generated, revenue saved, or labor saved.

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