How to write a multiple parameterized cursor

PLSQL Parameterized Cursor Previous; Next PLSQL Parameterized cursor pass the parameters into a cursor and use them in to query. PLSQL Parameterized cursor define only datatype of parameter and not need to define it's length. Cursor without parameters (simplest) Declaring a cursor without any parameters is the simplest cursor.

Let's take a closer look. Syntax. The syntax for a cursor without parameters in OraclePLSQL is: CURSOR cursorname IS SELECTstatement; Example. For example, you could define a cursor called c1 as below. By using the conventional method of using cursor we would have to write the same cursor twice, first for fetching the SALE guys and next for the RESEARCH guys.

Execution of the procedure. Figure 1. Conclusion. This is a very simple example of using a parameterized cursor. Parameterized Cursor In Oracle Database. There are few things which you have to take care of while specifying the parameters in your explicit cursor.

In case of multiple parameters, always separate parameters and the corresponding arguments in the list from each other using comma (, ). PLSQL Parameterized Cursors Oracle PLSQL tips by Boobal Ganesan This is an excerpt from the book Advanced PLSQL: The Definitive Reference by Boobal Ganesan. An example of parameterized cursor using cursor FOR LOOP: Cursor Parameter Cursor Oracle PLSQL Tutorial Declaration of a parameterized cursor which has two parameters: Cursor parameters Cursor Oracle PL SQL

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