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Shipbuilding is a growing industry in Bangladesh with great potential. The potential of shipbuilding in Bangladesh has made the country to be compared with countries like China, Japan and South Korea. Shipbuilding Industry of Bangladesh Essay Ship building industry in Bangladesh is set to emerge as new export leader after two ship builders said Monday they have already grabbed order worth over 250 million last year.

Ship Building Industry of Bangladesh The history of indigenous shipbuilding in Bangladesh goes back a long way. It is one of the early industries developed in Bengal based on its old business of building boats and sea vessels. Bangladesh has a strong background in building ships since ancient times. The Shipbuilding Industry in Bangladesh: a Study on Ananda Shipyard& Slipways Ltd Essay 1.

1 Background of the Study ASSL is the largest shipyard in the private sector in Bangladesh and is the flagship in Ananda Group of nine companies industries. For a poor economy like Bangladesh, the opportunity cost of starting such huge investment industry is vulnerable, but such one industry can change the whole business outlook of Bangladesh like china did.

The dream of being a developed country would be not close enough if Bangladesh can start shipbuilding industry. Shipbuilding Industry in Bangladesh 1. Introduction This report gives an overview of the different aspects of Project planning and management in Ananda Shipyard and Slipways Ltd. 1. 1 Origin of the Report Ms. Sutapa Bhattacharjee, Lecturer, Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, orally instructed the students of MBA 42nd batch PROSPECT OF ICT INDUSTRY IN BANGLADESH Ariful Islam ID: Section: 1 Subject Code: BUS 502 Subject Name: Managerial Communication Summer 2011 PROSPECT OF ICT INDUSTRY IN BANGLADESH Abstract ICT is one of the most talked about but unexploited industries in Bangladesh.

Prospect of Shipbuilding in Bangladesh On the other hand, Shipbuilding: An industry with high risks and investment associated industry can be hope for Bangladesh because it is basically an assembling industry needing lots of labor resource. It Industry in Bangladesh Essay pp. 3139 An Overview of the Software Industry in Bangladesh Syed Munir Khasru Abstract: Software is one of the most talked about but unexploited industries in Bangladesh. The Current Status and Future of Shipbuilding Industry in Bangladesh Assignment 4 THE CURRENT STATUS AND FUTURE OF SHIPBUILDING INDUSTRY IN BANGLADESH Prepared for: Shawkat Kamal Course instructor, Portfolio Management& Investment Analysis Prepared by: MD.

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