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The scholarship programs objective is to identify and reward experienced journalism teachers and publication advisers who seek the opportunity to upgrade their journalism skills, teaching methodologies, and advising techniques.

Student Scholarships in Journalism. National winners in the International Writing, Photography and Multimedia Contest, Blogging Competition or the Yearbook Excellence Contest are eligible as seniors to apply for Quill and Scroll scholarships the Edward J.

Nell Memorial, or the George and Ophelia Gallup awards. Blogging Competition winners receive a digital badge.

Individual winners receive Quill and Scrolls National Award Gold Key and, as seniors, are eligible to apply for a scholarship. A separate competition for middle school students also is available. Read excerpts from essays written by Quill and Scroll scholarship winners: Read Amanda Weisbrods Essay HERE. Read Starria Coppins Essay HERE. Read Lauren Kostiuks Essay HERE. Read Rachel Horowitzs Essay HERE. Read Alexa Chryssovergis Essay HERE.

Read Carley Lanichs Essay HERE. Read Kaitlin Billmans Essay HERE. Read AshleyNicole ChinFerdinands Essay Apply Online. Edward J. Nell Memorial Journalism Scholarship. Sponsored by: Quill and Scroll Foundation Applicant must be the winner of either the Yearbook Excellence Contest or the WritingPhoto Contest. Scholarship Committee Quill and Scroll Foundation Essay Transcript Applicant must demonstrate: Open only to winners of Quill and Scroll's Annual National Yearbook Excellence or International WritingPhoto Contests at any time during high school career.

The winner of the 2018 Buzgon Davis Law Offices Scholarship is Ms. Jalissa Nolt. She is vice president of the National Honor Society and a member of French Honor Society and the Quill and Scroll Honor Society. Ms. Nolt is a leader for the youth cross country, youth girls basketball, and youth track& field programs and helped with As a National Winner, you are eligible to apply for one of the Quill and Scroll Scholarships in Journalism.

Last year, eight scholarships ranging from 500 to Quill and Scroll Scholarships To apply, students must be high school seniors and winners of the International Writing or Photography contests or the Yearbook Excellence contest. Radio Television Digital News Foundation Scholarships Can anyone recommend any competitionsawards for rising seniors (class of 2011)?

SATW Teen Travel Writing Scholarship 37) One Child Africa Essay Contest 38) Samsung Techwin America Scholarship Program Quill and Scroll Society 55) Baush and Lomb Science Award 56) Student Academy Awards

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