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by Anonymous (Somewhere) If a person does not have a high school diploma, does heshe have to list the high school on the resume? If you are still in high school, are in your first couple of years of college, or if a high school diploma is your highest degree, you can certainly include your high school information. However, once you complete any other form of education, eliminate this information from your resume. To show you how you can stand out from the crowd, take a look below at what a great resume for a high school student might look like (we chose to create a sample resume for a veterinary assistant), and download the high school gradveterinary assistant resume template in Word.

Oct 04, 2016  See more templates and create your resume here. 3. How to Add Your High School Education to a Resume.

If your highest level List hs diploma resume education is high school, make an entry like this: Cherryville High School, Cherryville, OH. Graduated in 2005. Thats all you have to do. No, Im not joking. Regardless of the type of high school equivalency certificate or diploma you have, you can list it on your resume in the Education section.

It will replace the standard listing for the high school from which an individual graduated. Even if a high school diploma is specifically listed as a requirement for the job, this detail is almost always addressed in the actual job application or during the interview, and doesnt need to be addressed in the limited space of a resume.

TIP# 5: If you attended high school, but did not graduate, just show the years you attended. If you later earned a GED, put that above the high school listing, and indicate the date. If you later earned a GED, put that above

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