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The WIATIII A& NZ is suitable for use in a variety of clinical, educational, and research settings, including schools, clinics and private practices.

The Wechsler Individual Achievement TestThird Edition (WIATIII) is an individually administered measure of oral language, reading, written language, and mathematics. The WIATIII is used in a variety of clinical, educational, and research settings, including schools, clinics, private practices, and residential treatment facilities. WIATIII Essay Composition: Quick Score for Theme Development and Text Organization however, you must familiarize yourself with the Scoring Guide (in the scoring software or in appendix B.

6 of the Examiners Manual) prior to using this Quick Score. If the essay has fewer than 3 reasons, and you highlighted additive The PsychCorpCenterII Platform (Version ) is required before installing any software product updates which reside in PsychCorpCenterII.

Pearson, the PSI logo, PsychCorp, Wechsler, Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, the Wechsler logo, and WIAT are trademarks in the U. S. andor other countries of Pearson Education, Inc. Word Reading 27 90 8595 25 36 4 2. 3 7: 8 460 Essay Composition 104 61 56 6 4.

4 9: 6 507 The WIATIII Scoring Assistant is the computer component of the WIATIII assessment. The WIATIII software includes an integrated Scoring Guide; which assists users in determining scores for items and components andor subtests related to the WIATIII assessment. Entering WIATIII Scores The WIAT III is an individually administered clinical instrument designed to measure the achievement of students who are in grades Prekindergarten (PK) through 12, or ages 4 years 0 months through 50 years 11 months.

Copyright 2011 SAMPLE REPORT To order, This sample shows the integration of WISCIV and WIATII for customers with the WIATII Scoring Assistant.

Oral Expression 20 83 71 95 13 26 3 7: 8 3: 0 WIATII agebased normative information was used in the calculation of subtest and composite scores. Scoring and Reporting. The WIATIII CDN Scoring Assistant software offers several capabilities: Performs all basic scoring conversions and calculations: Raw scores are converted into various derived scores (e. g.standard scores, percentiles) for subtest scores, supplemental subtest scores, and composite scores.

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