Itunes wifi sync will resume

In the year 2015, WIFI Sync is still not working without a bunch of fiddling or not at all. iPad 2 and iPad 4 both sync fine with hardwire USB to Windows 7 PC. Oct 13, 2011 Selected the" Sync with this iPhone over WiFi" option in iTunes Connected iPhone to power And, when I go to Settings General iTunes WiFi Sync on my iPhone, the" Sync Now" button is greyed out and beneath it it says" Sync will resume when" Sushil's Macbook Pro" is available". In iTunes, find and then click your iOS device.

On the Summary tab, select" Sync with this [device over WiFi. " Click Apply, then disconnect the USB cable. Choose the items that you want to sync, then click sync. When the computer and the iOS device are on the same WiFi network, the iOS device appears in iTunes. Oct 13, 2011 Checked wifi sync and it says (Sync will resume when my pc is available. What am I missing, I have itunes set to sync on wifi.

When I plug into pc, sync is ok. How to sync with iTunes via WiFi on iPhone and iPad Once you have things enabled in iTunes, you're ready to flip the switch on your iPhone or iPad. Note: Whenever you want to sync, your computer and iPhone or iPad must be on the same WiFi network. Oct 17, 2014 I tried what I found as answers in a previously asked question: deauthorizing the old computer from my iTunes account, and syncing with the New MacBook Pro over a cable first.

All to no avail: my iPhone still shows that" Sync will resume when" OLDCOMPUTER" is available. " Nov 30, 2011  When I'm using my work WiFi, the" Sync Now" is greyed out and the message reads" Sync will resume when A is available". Not sure if this is saying I have to be connected to my home WiFi, or if They further stated that the Sync Now (Settings, General, iTunes WiFi Sync) button is grayed out and below it says Sync will resume when is available.

How to fix Verify system requirements (iOS 5 or later& iTunes 10. 5 or later) I plug in the cord, the iPad dings and charges but does not show up as a device in iTunes. I have reinstalled iTunes, and gone to iTunes WiFi Sync, but the Sync Now button is greyed out and it claims the sync will resume when Desktop Q369GQB is Oct 13, 2011  How to Use WiFi Sync for iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch with iOS Oct 13, 2011 132 Comments By far one of the best features of iOS is wireless syncing and backing up, as the name implies it allows you to wirelessly transfer apps, music, books, contacts, calendars, movies, photos, everything you had to use a wired sync for, but

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