Mcgill phd thesis submission deadline

Required forms with Final eThesis submission The following two (2) forms must be signed, scanned, and submitted to with your final eThesis submission. 1. McGill Thesis NonExclusive License (MNL) Form McGill Library and Archives Canada (LAC) consider graduate theses important sources of original research, and make theses available in For specific initial and final thesis submission dates, as well as other milestones such as oral exams, please refer to deadlines for graduation.

Meeting the initial submission dates does not carry any guarantee regarding graduation. The final thesis deposition signals inclusion on the graduation list. Thesis students do not apply to graduate as a thesis submission is an indication of readiness for evaluation and subsequent completion of degree. Students who are no longer registered at McGill must be readmitted to be eligible for thesis examination. DoctoralMaster's initial thesis submission NOTE: Should the deadline date (i.

e. Aug 15, Dec 15, Apr 15) fall on a weekend or a holiday, the effective deadline date will be the next working day April 15 (suggested deadline) The student must submit the final version of the thesis electronically to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (see ethesis) within one month of the defence or by the deadline date for convocation posted on the web, whichever is sooner.

The student will then be eligible to graduate. The pages in this section provide a comprehensive overview of the guidelines for every step of the thesis process from thesis requirements to thesis evaluation to final ethesis submission. Please also refer to the Regulations Concerning Theses in McGill's e Students should be familiar with the steps needed to prepare and submit a thesis in the early stages of thesis writing. Here, youll find everything you need to know about the thesis process from the first draft to final ethesis submission.

Please also consult the Regulations Concerning Thesis on McGill's ecalendar. Deadline date to submit initial Doctoral or Master's thesis to GPS (Thesis Office) to be registered as Thesis Evaluation status for the Summer 2017 term. Final Thesis submission deadline for students who wish to graduate in Spring 2017.

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