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Hi, I trying to reenter to workforce (tutoringteaching) after being a stay at home mom for the last 9 yrs and I have not actually taught in 13yrs. My work experience basically is my schooling and 1 yr of teaching then mom to 5. Resume Tips for Women Reentering the Workforce The woman reentering the workforce has some challenges in todays job market. There are some resume tips you can follow to develop an effective resume that connects Reentering the workforce can be a challenge no matter how good your excuse is: volunteering, working or studying abroad, starting a family, caring for a sick relative or coping with your own illness, or investing in your future by completing a graduate degree.

Youre planning to rejoin the workforce. Youve drycleaned your interview suit, scored some spiffy new shoes, a brand new briefcase and a new attitude. But when you dusted off your resume, you spotted a gaping holeright where Parents who have been out of the workforce for a number of years and have minimal alternative experience, such as volunteer work, may need a functional resume.

Although functional resumes are not preferred by hiring managers, this format allows you to emphasize your skills while downplaying your employment history. The traditional chronological resume format works great for someone whos experienced and has a consistent employment history. However, if youve significant gaps in your work history, have frequently changed jobs, are transitioning into a new career, or reentering the workforce, the functional resume is appealing. A resume objective statements purpose is to make it clear to your potential employer, in one brief statement, exactly which position you are best suited for.

This may mean you do not state that you are reentering the workforce in your objective; that information may be more appropriate to include in your cover letter. Reentering the workforce after a career gap requires that you write your resume differently, using a functional resume format.

In addition to using this new resume structure, you need to emphasize the fact that you Check out these stay at home mom Reentering the workforce resume examples to help you get a new job. How to Write a Stay at Home Mom Resume.

By Resume Genius. Returning to the workforce is a major decision for any stay at home mom (or dad). Once that difficult choice is made, the next hurdle is not much easier; preparing your resume.

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