Resume for internship in garment industry

Although fashion internships are among the most competitive in the workplace, its possible to land one without having any prior industry experience. Whether youre vying for a seat at the design desk, seeking a career as a wardrobe stylist or want to promote apparel as a publicist with a style Jan 03, 2013  How to Write a Resume for a Job in the Fashion Industry.

Writing a resume can be difficult, especially in the highly competitive world of fashion. Most fashion hiring managers look at a resume for 10 to 30 seconds, so you have very little time to make your mark. Increase the efficacy of your resume by writing about your " Always tailor your resume and cover letter to the exact job that you're applying for, " says Licht. " It's a document that should be constantly looked at.

It's great to look at a job posting and pull out keywords that the brand is using and give those words back to the brands to which you're sending your resume and cover letter. Objective: To obtain a Production Manager Assistant position in the garment Industry that will provide a chance to obtain more experience and lead to advancement.

For help with keywords and resume development, check out online career services from fashion design schools. Two useful sources are the career services department's Resume Guide from the Fashion Institute of Technology, part of SUNY, and the downloadable Job Search Guide from Parsons: The New School of Design, both Form your fashion resume so it shows both your professionalism and enthusiasm for this dynamic industry simultaneously. Place your full name and contact information, including your email address, at the top of your resume.

Why You Need a Resume The Textile and Apparel Industry is both creative and pragmatic. Your resume should reflect both your business acumen and your creativity. Your resume should reflect both your business acumen and your creativity. Internal Knowledge: 10 MustRead, Unconventional Tips on How to Get the Fashion Internship of Your Dreams.

Anyone who works in fashion will tell you that internships are an invaluable part of any resum. It's probably the number one piece of advice given to anyone looking to break into this industry.

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