Athens and sparta similarities and differences essay

May 03, 2010 Conclusion: The Primary Similarities and Differences between Athens and Sparta The Spartans and Athenians were very different groups of people. The Spartans were militaristic people who valued strength and simplicity. Sparta& Athens Sparta and Athens so close yet so different. Since the beging of these two great citystates everyone has been fascinated by the similarities, but more by the differences.

This essay will tell more about the differences than the similarities. About. Both Athens and Sparta hold historic value for Greece and the world. Athens is the capital and the largest city of Greece. It is a center for economic, political, financial and culture life in Greece. Athens and Sparta may be on Athens and sparta similarities and differences essay same country and even on the same continent, but many differences can be found between these two citystates, " They were close together on a map, yet far apart in what they valued and how they lived their lives" (White, 2010).

Differences And Similarities Between The Athens And Spartans History Essay. As they had similarities they also had differences. The military of Sparta was huge and the best of all but the Athens military was a simple but strong military, the young boy started to train at the age of 7 but the Athenians went to the army at the age of 18, the Sparta and Athens were both Greek city states that dominated ancient Greece during the fifth century BCE.

Each city state had at least a partially elected government and a strong military, and both relied on the labor of slaves. Sparta and Athens had similar forms of government; both city states Sparta and Athens shared similarities and differences in their systems of government, militaristic focuses, judgment and views of women. In addition to this, the social gatherings of Athenians and Spartans both had affinities and contrasts.

Sparta and Athens shared similarities and differences in their systems of government, and in education. One of the bigger differences between Sparta and Athens was their systems of government. There were many statuses to the Spartan government. Athens and Sparta were two of the most powerful and recognizable ancient citystates in Greek history.

These two civilizations showed a majority of differences over similarities, although some similarities showed such as gender relations and slavery. Athens and Sparta Essay The Growth of Athens Athens and Sparta Comparison. Athens and Sparta Athens and Sparta were the two largest Greek citystates of the Ancient world. They were the biggest of rivals, two towering cities at their peak, the most influential cultural, military, and trade powers of western civilization in the first millennium B.


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