Paired text essay example

Paired texts target advanced reading comprehension skills by having students read two texts related to the same topic. This paired texts bundle contains multiple resources for teaching students how to read paired texts and respond to a Use these paired texts as the readings that are related to an essay prompt that follows the style and format of the TASC essay questions. Explore the Core Questions and the Top 10 Pros and Cons for various compelling subjects.

Sample Text: In The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller and High Noon, directed by Fred Zinnemann, both authors use the narratives to present an allegory of their own societies. Each text similarly allegorises the American society during the McCarthy trials. number of body paragraphs is to count the number of bullets and subtract 1. For example, this essay would have THREE body paragraphs, plus an introduction and conclusion (5 paragraphs, total).

If I were writing this, I would dedicate a body paragraph to each of the first three bullets. 4. Hoverboard Paired Texts To Improve OnDemand Writing Skills Do your students own (or wish they owned) a hoverboard?

This familiar transportation trend is a very engaging topic for students in the classroom. Read the shorter of the paired texts carefully without marking anything or writing marginal notes. Read the longer text marking details, ideas, and described actions that could connect this text with the first text.

Return to the first text and mark ideas, details, and actions that connect to the second text. Students will then be paired up to write a brief essay discussing the pitfalls that can be associated with each approach formal and narrative. The essay is expected to have four paragraphs: 1) Introduction with thesis 2) Pitfalls of first article 3) Pitfalls of second article 4) conclusion with restated thesis.

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