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No i do not eat special food. Short essay on Eid Festival Important India. No, I do not creative any speciel clothes. No, I do not give gifts to others but i get Money from my Family. I decorate my houses a little over the past. It is also very important to know about Eid Al Fitr, because it tell us a bit of how Islamic people use to live. Short essay on Eid Festival Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On October 31, 2013 By Vikash Pathak Eid or EidulFitr is the greatest festival of the Muslims.

Eid ul Adha is a sacred Muslim event that is celebrated every year around the world with sacrifice, prayer and food. Eid Ul Adha is also known as the greater Eid and it is the second most important festival in Islam. Essay on Eid. Eid is mainly celebrated by Muslims all over the world. and man visits to open ground or mosque to offer prayers in the form of Namaz meanwhile Woman starts preparing food at the house.

After Eid namaz people embrace one another and exchange Eid greeting. Filed Under: Essay, Festival. You May Also Like. Reader According to the Muslim history the Jordan has two major Religious festivals first one is the EidulFitr and another one is the Eid ul Azha.

On the above performance the whole assignment is designed for the religious and food festival of these countries. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay Eid is the most important festival of the Muslims. A month before is the month of Ramadan in which Muslims keep daylong fsts and I og le creative writing With my parents and eat good food and when we have Money.

Short essay on Eid Festival I and my Family og to oslo and With some friends too, we eat out and buy Things. Learn about Moroccan traditions surrounding the Festival of the Sacrifice, Eid AlAdha. It's the most important Islamic holiday of the year.

SHARE PIN EMAIL. button button Eid AlAdha in Morocco Eid AlKabir. Pin Share Email button Moroccan Food Oct 27, 2012 festival 1) eid ul fitr 2) eid ul adha Eid is a Arabic word it means festival.

There are two big festivals in Muslim culture 1) Eid ul Fitr and 2) Eid ul Adha. About Eid Coming with the new moon, the festival marks the end of Ramadan a month when Muslims fast throughout the day and eat only at night Prayers, feasts and family get together are the major highlights of the eid ul fitr celebrations.

It was during this month that the holy Koran was revealed.

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