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State of Nature and Freedom: Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes Essay State of Nature and Freedom In the Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes places limits on the freedom of individuals in the social contract, as well as individuals in the state of nature. These basic views of natural human nature cause Hobbes and Rousseau to have views on opposite sides Both Rousseau and Hobbes talked about state of nature but their understanding of state of nature and the first living of humanity is quite different from each other.

Their views are similar in some points but mostly they contrast with each other. Below is an essay on" Hobbes and Rousseau's Account of the State of Nature" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In the Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes provides a blatantly pessimistic portrayal of humans in the state of nature. For Rousseau, modern society generally compares unfavorably to the state of nature. As Rousseau discusses in the Discourse on Inequality and The Social Contract, the state of nature is the hypothetical, prehistoric place and time where human beings live uncorrupted by society. The most important characteristic of the state of nature is Essay on The State of Nature is a State of War 1498 Words 6 Pages.

To understand Hobbess argument for why the State of Nature is a State of War it is important to understand Hobbess meanings of the terms State of Nature and State of War. Emerson employs the image of the circle muchused in Nature in stating that the visible world is the" terminus or circumference of the invisible world.

" Visible nature innately possesses a moral and spiritual aspect. Locke, Hobbes and Rousseau Essay; What is common in Locke, Hobbes and Rousseau is state of nature.

In the state of nature all people are equal although they have different talents they are equal, because having different talents doesnt prevent equality and have same rights but in time they try to command each other and make JeanJacques Rousseau's vision of the state of nature parallels that of Hobbes but for its more optimistic tone: " I assume that men reach a point where the obstacles to their preservation in a state of nature prove greater than the strength that each man has to preserve himself in that state.

" In general, Rousseau's words prove reasonably less Rousseau disagrees with Hobbes and insists that in the state of nature the only factor is survival. In this case I believe that Hobbes is thinking too much from a society stand point and he is also contradicting himself. Society molds us into competing for glory. In the state of nature this would not be the case.

While Hobbes and Rousseau address many of the same issues Rousseau state of nature essay by emerson topics in both The Leviathan as well as The Discourses, the way that Hobbes and Rousseau look at these issues such as, human nature, the state, and inequality are

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