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Thesis 1. Chapter I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTINGIntroduction The catering business is one of the most lucrative andprofitable home businesses with a high potential forexpansion and growth. It is both financially rewarding andfun. Table 4. 4 shows that about 26 per cent of the respondents were educated up to high school and relatively lesser number of them, 17 per cent were educated up to higher secondary level.

The number of respondents attaining higher education were very few. Only four per cent of the respondents were educated up to the post graduates level. male respondents.

Public college two and threeyear program respondents and Memorial University undergraduate respondents had similar average ages and were the youngest of the respon dents. 2. 2 Dependent Children As shown in Figure 2. 2, 45 of respondents indicated they had at least one dependent child at the time of survey. Respondents of the Study The proponent selected the high school students of Villamor High School to be the respondents of the study, preferably the freshmen and sophomore students The proponent had came up with 119 students as respondents having 50 representatives from the first year level, 61 from the second year level and 8 All respondents were asked to rate their knowledge of ESGR performance for each question.

Limitations of the Study The organization is small so there was only a sample of 44 employees surveyed. As in most surveys, where the analyst cannot confidentially identify each respondent, it is difficult to make absolute conclusions of the results Home Unlabelled Sample of Profile of the Respondents (Age, Gender, Hours Spent on the Internet) Sample of Profile of the Respondents (Age, Gender, Hours Spent on the Internet) The age Comparing Groups and Issues: Organizations also use descriptive research to draw comparisons between groups of respondents.

For example, a shampoo company creates a survey asking the general public several questions measuring their attitudes on the companys products, advertising, and image. This section presents the findings about the respondents profile in terms of their age, gender, level of education and monthly income.

The data are

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