Cugetbackqryresp unknown objinfo header format for essay

When I decided to write a Web Intelligence Report or create a Crystal report and publish this, all the date formats came out in American date format, and not the standard English one DDMMYYYY HH: MM: SS anymore.

The invalid verb messages might be preceeded by Unknown objInfo messages: 09: 27: 37 cuGetBackQryResp: Unknown objInfo header format: 0, 09: 27: 37 sessRecvVerb(): Invalid verb received. In general, 'unknown objInfo header format' means that a later version of the Tivoli Storage Manager client is used during a backup operation. For example, a version backuparchive client is installed on the system where the backup image is taken.

Then, Data Protection for SQL version is installed. Jan 16, 2012 Community Tip: Please Give Thanks to Those Sharing Their Knowledge. If you receive helpful answer on this forum, please show thanks to the poster by clicking" LIKE" link for the answer that you found helpful. 16: 59: 25 ANS1092W No files matching search criteria were found Resolving the problem In the preceding example, the c: \test\test.

txt file was archived using a V. 0 client but the retrieve operation is done with a V. 10 client. In the following example, the API gets some object back where it can't interpret the objInfo header (rc 122) and considers the query to be completed (rc 0).

Intall the same TSM Client version that was on the TSM Server when the database backup was taken. A newer TSM Client version will also work. dataonly CRC cyclic redundancy unknown objinfo Technote (FAQ) Question The following errors indicate a communication problem between Tivoli Storage Manager client and the server: 19: 00: 20 sessRecvVerb(): Invalid verb received.

19: 00: 20 sessRecvVerb(): length0024, verb01, magic00 19: 00: 22 We have currently migrated from Business Objects 4. 0 to 4. 1 SP5. What we are observing is a lot of reports are showing incorrect formula outputs because the formulas were designed based on UK date format ddmmyyyy however in 4.

1 they are appearing in 4. 1 SP5 in yyyymmdd format. This is a classic problem with headers importing headers. You have a circle here: Tile. h is importing Board. h, which imports Tile. h. This confuses the compiler

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