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Should I include my current position on my resume? Human Capital; Anonymous (Contract If you start interviewing again immediately and put your current job on your resume do you know what you are going to say about your current employer? I knew within the first week that things were very wrong based on the financial information I 6. List your most recent job first. Chronological order is only a good idea if you are looking to get hired to go back in time.

Otherwise you look like you're bucking resume writing convention in order to hide something, which you probably are, but you have to do it with a better sleight of hand than that.

List most recent responsibilities on your resume first If you've held a job for five years and earned several promotions during that time, you could choose to order that information in more than Avoid These 10 Resume Mistakes. while jobseekers with a few years of experience list experience first. 4. Resume is outdated. When thinking about how many skills should you list on a resume, list only about 15 years of work experience.

lessrelevant jobs, dont go into as much detail. Its better to focus on more recent and Relate jobs and dates of employment chronologically the standard method of recording previous work experience on a resume. Start with the most recent job and work backwards from there. If youre concerned about any gaps in your resume, opt for simply listing the year for the job instead of the months and years of service.

If you are so sure that listing the mot recent job would trigger straight rejection of the application by the recruiter, place it somewhere down the line.

Describe the skillsetjob that you have& is required for the profile at the start. This will help your resume make a first good impression& reduces chances of being turned down. This section is at the top of your resume if youre a student or recent graduate. If you have more than a year of work experience since graduating, move your education at he end of your resume. List your most recent degree(s) first. Sep 02, 2008 Put your most recent job first if they over lap, the one you are doing now.

References NEVER put 'available on request as it looks really unprofessional and lazy. Actually list the names and postal addresses of your 2 references down do NOT give there phone numbers or email. How To Show Your Oldest Experience First In Your Resume. By: Ann Baehr: Using a chronological resume is good if your most recent position is in that type of position.

But if it was three jobs ago, the reader may think you do not have that experience. List your oldest job title, employer name, location and dates.

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