Homework excuse generator

Homework Excuse Generator is the name of the newest game that our team has just added into the Captain Underpants Games category, so we are now proving to you all that if you want to play the Homework Excuse Generator Click here! CCBY Mozilla Learning Networks Photo by photosteve101 on Flickr. photosteve101 on Flickr.

Homework Excuse Generator. on Scratch by fishlacetwo. me and CBBC These are stupid excuses by the way. Need an excuse for losing your homework? There's an excuse for everything and we'll help you find it!

There's an excuse for everything and we'll help you find it! Sorry honey, we can't have sex tonight because I feel fat. Choose your type of excuse: Not done the homework? Play The Homework Excuse Generator In this activity, you'll remix a random Maker Excuse Generator to have some fun homework the start of a excuse school year. Then, you'll change a bunch of words that show up on the webpage by remixing some JavaScript, a coding language that makes webpages interactive. Remix a random Homework Excuse Generator to have some fun at the start of a new school year.

Homework Excuse Generator Teaching Kit Made by Mozilla Learning Networks. Learners will remix JavaScript code to change the words on a website, learning about composing for the web, coding JavaScript values, and remixing Web content.

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