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certification logos on a resume? It's always good to set your resume off from all the others in the stack, but how are these certification logos viewed by a prospective employer? By itself, the MCP logo doesn't really mean much (I've never seen one used on a resume myself), but the MCSA might be worth something to prospective Hi all; I just passed the MCTS exam with 833 marks, I just want to Know that may I use the MCTS Logo on Resume if yes, in which area May 12, 2009 On materials where space is not constrained (e.

g. a certificate, resume, Web site or brochure), the MCP Logo can be used with the applicable certification area sidebar. Recommended placement of the MCP Logo is in the lowerleft or lowerright corner of the page. What is a digital badge? Microsoft has partnered with Pearson VUEs Acclaim platform to award badges for your certification achievements.

These badges are webenabled representations of your Microsoft Certifications, consisting of an image and metadata uniquely linked to you. Should I put the certification acronym (MCSE, MCITP) after my name of just leave the certification listed under Qualifications headding?

The people at my school who help write resume's are not sure if you do that for IT professions or not, medical you would, but IT we're not sure about. It is not uncommon for a recruitertech leadmanager to know the certification without knowing its logo. If they don't recognize the logo, your efforts go wasted. You have probably read some BS article which tells about" enhancing" your resume into a" creative" resume. Well, lets find out if you should put your certification logo on my resume.

Certification Logo on My Resume The Short Answer So, youve got a certification, and as part of that you have a logo of the certification. May 16, 2012 Listing certifications with the the certification ID (MCP#VCP#etc) is all that would be useful information to a hiring manager.

You want your resume to be clear and consise, don't waste space on logos Sep 26, 2016  I agree with Bottman, though you may want to list all your certs on a resume template, you should tailor resumes that you submit to only show the certs they are interested in. If you really must, add a line

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