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" Who is Jesus Christ and what is His mission to the world? " is certainly a logical question to ask. He changed the world in only 30 years on earth, and no one has had more of an impact on this planet than Jesus Christ. Jesus or the Jesus of Nazareth is mostly known to all as: Jesus Christ where Christ means Anointed One. He is regarded as the savior of the people, the Messiah. Not only in Christianity but in Islam as well he is called as Jesus Christ is the perfect human, born of God who came to die for mankinds sins and rescue us from the unending cycle of sin, perversion and death.

For those who come to him he is the fountain of unending life. Essay Jesus Christ Superstar 1138 Words 5 Pages Jesus Christ Superstar, a rockopera, emerged from the imagination of Andrew Lloyd Webber (music) and Time Rice (lyrics), which was later brought to life on the big screen by Jesus Christ was born during the life and reign of Herod the Great who ruled Palestine at the end of the 1st Century B. C. on the 25th of December, which is celebrated by Christians every year in remembrance of the day Jesus Christ was born.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ No other event in history has been the object of as much scrutiny and criticism as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Christ is the basis upon which all Christianity stands. God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit constitute the whole context of Catholic religion. We may have a pretty good point on who Jesus Christ was, we may ponder on who God is, but we must also balance the work of the Holy Short Essay on Jesus Christ.

Article shared by. In the olden times Jewish priests were very wicked. Their holy book said that people should hate their enemies. At that time a brilliant child was born in the family of a carpenter in the village Nazreth.

His mothers name was Mary. Jan 17, 2010 Jesus Christ is the only son of god despite coming from a woman. He is the light that came to earth to clarify our path and our soul. He is a man that walked to earth all the way from Israel. Mar 05, 2014  Jesus and Muhammed 1 Jesus and Muhammed Kristy Gibson Axia College of University of Phoenix Jesus and Muhammed 2 Jesus and Muhammeds life were very different from each other.


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