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See also my work on various standards. Professional Memberships 1988Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Association for Computational Linguistics If you want to strengthen your image in your resume, consider drawing from your activities, organizations, awards, and licenses. Also, you can include testimonials that show youve got the right stuff.

Names of professional organizations can be used as keywords when searching for candidates in resume databases, so be sure that your resume reflects your active memberships, McIntosh says. How to include: Add your affiliations to the professional memberships section on your resume.

How Activities and Interests Can Help Your Resume. Many hiring managers, as a way to differentiate between job applicants, will take notice of what an applicant puts down on their resume as their interests, activities, or hobbies. Including professional organization examples on your resume will make you a greater candidate than someone who is not affiliated with any organizations.

But remember, being active in these organizations is what counts the most. Ashley Faus is a marketing professional at a presentation company in Mountain View, CA. She writes about corporate, marketing, and MBA topics on her blog, she's not in classes for her MBA, Ashley enjoys working out, scrapbooking, and performing in musicals. What you choose to include in your" Professional Organizations" section may be specific to the type of work you do, and also the amount of space you have left on your resume.

If your resume is getting close to being more than two or three pages, keep this section brief and only include the name of the organization. The National Resume Writers Association (NRWA) is a nonprofit, memberdriven organization for professional resume writers dedicated to increasing the visibility of the industry, encouraging ethical practices, promoting excellence, and raising industry standards through peer mentoring and training. Additional Resume Sections. Table of Contents.

Credentials& Licenses If you are not a member of any professional organizations you should consider doing so as it signifies active participation and continued education in your area of expertise. If you are in school, ask your teacher or student union of the different types of activities that

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