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THE AXIS POWERS. THE AXIS POWER S. Adolf Hitler: Benito Mussolini: Born in 1883, Mussolini was active in the socialist party until they supported the allies in World War 1. He resigned in 1915, and when they entered the war, he joined the Italian Army. HOLOCAUST HISTORY. Introduction to the Holocaust. Holocaust Encyclopedia. Essay Benito Mussolini was born in Predappio on July 29, 1883, the son of a socialist blacksmith. Largely selfeducated, he became a schoolteacher and socialist journalist in northern Italy.

In 1910 he married Rachele Guidi, who bore him five children. Essay Benito Mussolini had a large impact on World War II. He wasn" t always a powerful dictator though. At first he was a school teacher and a socialist journalist. He later married Rachele Guide and had 5 children. He was the editor of the Avanti, which was a socialist party newspaper in Milan. Benito Mussolini founded the Fasci di iRubric Z8225: Napoleons rule resembles that of many dictators in history.

Research a dictator, such as Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, or Idi Amin. Use a Venn diagram to show the similarities and differences between Napoleon or Animal Farm and a dictator in history. Write a paragraph describing the similarities and Sample queries for search Fascism Essay Topics on Graduateway.

Free Fascism Rubrics Paper: Short The rise of fascism in Italy Essay Brainstorming: Benito Mussolini pertaining to a political group that led a movement in Italy founded it in 1919 (Fascism, 2007). It is still used today in some political movements and is also used Benito Mussolini Webquest with Key (World War Two) WWII. Benito Mussolini Webquest with Key (World War Two) WWII. Benito Mussolini Webquest with Key (World War Two) WWII Ap world history dbq essay prompts for middle school Who's Who in World History; Napp's, a series of documents and an essay question.

Some Please refer to the French Revolution Project website links, French Rev Reading, and World History Textbook for the information you will need to answer the question. How to write paragraph File Size: History Essay Marking Scheme. by. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. The two leaders share a shockingly similar path to power and ultimate demise.

After viewing the interview a person who has immigrated to Canada. This file contains the assignment outline, student selfassessment rubrics, teacherassessment rubrics, interview This 6 page document contains a webquest and teachers key related to Benito Mussolini and his life and his actions during World War Two (WWII).

It contains 11 questions from the biography. com website. Your students will learn about Benito Mussolini and his life and his actions during World War Two (WWII) and the Lesson Plans: The Texas Liberators Oral History Project 2014 The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission, coalesced by Senate Bill 482, was established to ensure that resources are available to students, educators, and

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