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Wheelchair rugby classification Wheelchair rugby classification is the seven class system that assigns players a point value based on functional mobility to insure parity in athletic ability on the court at any given time. Classification is handled by the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation. Athletes with an eligible impairment are allocated a sport class based on their abilities in performing the wheelchair rugby skills of ball handling, such as passing, catching, The U. S. Paralympics Wheelchair Rugby national classification list includes all athletes in the respective sport whose classification information is on file with either the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) andor the respective sport IF andor U.

S. Paralympics (the National Paralympic Committee in the USA). Request a classification, using the Get classified form. APC Classification Information Sheet Wheelchair Rugby (152.

78 Kb) Help give them the There were 4 classification appeals lodged for wheelchair rugby at the 2000 Summer Paralympics involving 3 athletes which resulted in 1 class change. Wheelchair rugby competition at the London 2012 Summer Paralympics will be held at the Basketball Arena, Olympic Park from the 5 September to 9 September.

Paralympics The Paralympic Games is a big sporting event for athletes with disabilities. It takes place just after the Olympics, every four years. The athletes compete in 20 different sports and are split into six different categories of disability which are; amputee, celebral palsy, intellectual disability, les autres, vision impaired and wheelchair.

Athletes can be granted a permanent classification if they demonstrate a stable level of function over a series of classification tests. Wheelchair rugby classification is conducted by personnel with medical training, usually physicians, physiotherapists, or occupational therapists.

Classifiers must also be trained in muscle testing and in the details of And to stock up on stylish Team USA gear that you can wear all year round, visit the Team USA Shop: Wheelchair Rugby. Wheelchair Tennis. Alpine Skiing Check out the Paralympic Below is an essay on" Paralympic Games" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Paralympic Games When the Summer Olympics Games open in Beijing, China, September of 2008, disabled athletes will be competing in record numbers.

Wheelchair Rugby, with roots in wheelchair basketball and ice hockey, began in Canada in the 1970s as a counterpart to wheelchair basketball for persons with tetraplegia or tetraequivalent function. The first classification system was medically based and there were three classes, largely determined by medical diagnosis and level of spinal cord

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