Summer Reading Challenge. Writing Helps Reading.

Summer Reading Challenge. Writing Helps Reading.

Helping my son to read has been a hugechallenge. I think the bigger part of the challenge wasn’t so much his ability or lack thereof, but his want to. I want him to love words! We received great advice from a great teacher, who advised us that
kids can learn to read through hspace="8" vspace="8"writing as well.  Well, I’m a writer so I was happy to hear that! We jumped on it! There are so many different styles of writing out there that aren’t boring summer journals and letters to Grandma. There are exciting writing activities that can be fun for the summer and not  too ‘schoolish’. Over the next few days I will elaborate on a different writing activity for your kids. With posts on how my kids are enjoying it. Hey, maybe we’ll create some Hemmingway’s and Dekker’s along the way! Make sure you comment below and let me know how your kids are doing. Go on my Facebook page and post pictures of your writing kids. I’d love to hear from you. If you are wanting to join in on this summer challenge make sure to follow me on Facebook . Happy Reading! See you tomorrow as we talk …. Creative Writing for Kids


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