Morning of Misfits

I hate sending my kids off to school after having a big fight with them but I had one of those mornings where I want to keep them home from school so I ca ship them all off to an orphanage. Not to get rid of them or make them stay but to experience what life is like for some children in this world and maybe they’ll stop being so selfish.

Children are selfish by nature, some more than others  and sometimes trying to reason with someone who can’t see past their own nose is extremely frustrating as a mother. 2 tickets to Calcutta please!

My older two children have develpoed this tag team comentary on my parenting skills. Constantly! And it’s driving me crazy!

“Aren’t you going to discipline her for that!?”

“Really! You’re going to make him wear that!?”

“You call that a lunch!? bahahahaha”

My initial reaction to everything as a Mom is guilt but after months of my two self proclaimed child rearing experts offering up their opinions, I’ve had it. I stated to them quite clearly that if they had a serious concern about my parenting skills, like I was feeding the children fish brains and spanking them soundly every 10 seconds then they could bring it up with Dad and he could talk to me but they were to hold their peace.

My second reason for me buying two tickets to Mother Teresa’s home in India, is their constant impatience with their five year old little sister. Age five is such a tough age, you lose the attention that you once had as a toddler and baby, you’re handed more responsibility for the first time and your voice is seldom heard especially as a middle child. so when I hear from my day a way teenager “Does she have to come?” or “Go away!” it breaks my heart and Momma Bear doesn’t like it.

So this morning I had to explain very Mary Poppins like, in a song. (not) that they once were five and they once were whiny and demanding and that it wasn’t helping her self esteem one bit having two older kids who she looks up to and wants to be like, insulting her and rejecting her all the time.

I’m at a loss in these battles because you try so hard as a Mom to build  your kids hearts and esteem, only to have another child, whom you love and protect, come a long and bite off a chunk. That is usually the moment, I shake my rolling pin yelling “we need more love in this house! Now go to your room!!!!” Not effective. …sigh…..Manual Please!

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2 thoughts on “Morning of Misfits

  1. Having older children try to be the parent or comment on your parenting is always such a difficult position to be in, so I completely understand your frustration! Sometimes I would just ignore the comments since I felt they may have been trying for a reaction from me. I always wondered why they did it – maybe some type of power play or something? I still don’t have it all figured out…LOL

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