Little girls play kitchen

Little girls play kitchen


We’re getting our house ready for our two Japanese students due to arrive on Sunday afternoon. I’m looking forward to some blogging inspiration from this experience. Our kids are super excited. So in the midst of trying to get my house half as clean as the Japanese mothers do I decided to work on a little project.

“How do I do it all?” You ask. It’s simple. I come up with a great idea, and I can’t sleep or eat until I do it. I start off skipping of how glorious it’s gonna be and mother amnesia kicks in. I somehow get so focused on my mini projects that I forget I have laundry, cleaning and 5 children. My children only handle neglect for so long until I have to put the paintbrush down, or Lord help me, get them to help.

The skipping then turns into short bursts of frustration “Don’t touch I said!!!!” Then a lot of self helps to the fridge and pantry and eventually an exhausted mother who calls her husband at work to pick something up for dinner because I’m done!

6 hours later I drag my feet to clean up my project, teary eyed and sweating paint. I then stand a back and sigh, “wow, sooo cute, that wasn’t so bad. what will I do next.”

I need therapy.

I know I skipped a day of blogging but it’s well worth the wait, so here is my recent creation.

(it really was a very simple project)

Coat with primer.
Paint it your favourite colours
Staple in fabric. I also took wallpaper to lay inside the kitchen.
Painted the top with black chalkboard paint or black paint.
Stapled or nail board on the back. Embellish with dials. I just used black paint. 
 Have fun, be creative!

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  1. This is awesome!! And totally do-able! Thanks for sharing this great idea!
    I am your newest follower . . . and I would love to have you follow me back!
    Camille @

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