Blizzard Birthday

       Well it finally happened, my little chubby Tarzan turned 9 today. We had plans of a swim party with a lot of friends, but thanks to a January blizzard we ended up hitting the movies while I stayed home to just “whip” up a cake from scratch and have it ready.  I wasn’t on the birthday ball and figured we could just pick one up on the way home. However, the Arctic freeze sent us straight home.

I hate it when my figures turn into go-figures!

        So as I beat, measured, recovered the spatula from the toddler, and trudged across a 6 foot snow mound to borrow some more sugar from my neighbors. I baked the fastest, birthday cake in history. It was fast, it was sloppy and the kids didn’t even notice it was a Wii controller until I shouted “thank you Mom! for the cool cake?!”
“oh yeah.. thanks mom!”

 I cut a rectangular cake in 1/2 & saved the rest.

My Piping skills died with my melting butter cream. I only yelled at Martha Stewart three times. I’d like to see her make a cake in a blizzard!
      Now my lovely eldest daughter is turning 12 this Friday and she has high expectations of fabulous! Every year I say that’s it! No more birthday parties, but then the part about loving my kids gets in the way and I throw the kids a party.
       I started salvaging pieces of wrapping paper from my son’s gifts.He tore into his gifts and tossed the paper better than a Sunday afternoon game. I told my daughter I’d hang onto them and reuse it for her gift. SHE WAS MORTIFIED!

UGHHHHHH! She replied in her pre-teen angst!

 “How cheap are you?!”

 It’s NOT cheap it’s resourceful.!


She started telling me what kind of cake she wanted..

“I already baked your cake” I told her.

You did?! Can I see it?
“SURE!” I pulled it out of the fridge and showed her.
“What!? Are you serious? My life is over!”

I’ll let her stew in this one for a while it’s good for the entitlement attitude!
Now to blowdry my frozen door so I can let the dog out to pee.


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