Promises like pie crust literary analysis

Nov 20, 2008  Promises Like PieCrust argues similarly against love, although it does so in seeking a different purpose: that of freedom. Promise me no promises, So I Rossettis Poetic Images Promises are like PieCrusts, they are made to be broken.

Poetic analysis. Lets start with the title. This common idiom is a simile that compares the idea of promises to something that is intended to be broken; PieCrust. The use of this comparison reveals the attitude of the persona of the poem (in this, case Analysis of Poem: Promises like Pie Crust The term foregrounding refers to an effect brought about in the reader by linguistic or other forms of deviation in the literary text (Leech, 1985).

In poem, devices of foregrounding and deviation are always used to draw readers attention and impress the readers. In the aspect of deviation and She believes that promises are frail and break easily like crust on a pie. However, she does not fault promises for being that way. Her attitude is very understanding of that because she believes that promises are that way by nature.

Promises Like PieCrust, by Christina Rossetti ( For more poetry analyses, see Great poetry explained: an index to my blogs ) Christina Rossetti ( ) came from a highly cultured AngloItalian family, of which she was the youngest member. Promises are unrealistic constraints Analysis of Poem: Promises Like Pie Crust introduction. They essentially impose restrictive barriers to dedication and commitment because they tend to break easily and only bring obligation and pressure with the effort to keep such promises.

The poem, Promises like Pie Crust by Christina Rossetti CIE Literature. Poetry Analysis for International Students. iGCSE. Songs of Ourselves Volume 1, Part 5; Promises like Piecrust. Promise me no promises, So will I not promise you; Keep we both our liberties, Never false and never true: Promises Like PieCrust Promise me no promises, So will I not promise you: Promise me no promises, So will I not promise you: Keep we both our liberties, Promises Like PieCrust.

" The Narratological Analysis of Lyric Poetry Studies in English Poetry from the 16th to the 20th Century. Promises like PieCrust Christina Rossetti Promises like PieCrust is a poem by Christina Rossetti, a poet from London England. She. Literature Study Guides. Learn more about characters, A Critical Analysis of Canto III of Dante's Inferno and its Relation to the Heb Nov 25, 2013  Overview: Promises like PieCrust is a Rossetti poem about promises. The first Stanza opens with a radical thought from the Victorian era, the idea of two lovers that dont hold promises to one another, and whose relationship is

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