Sectarianism in scotland essay

Sectarianism is happening all over the world right now. In places with poverty, places with great wealth. We in Scotland do not know much about sectarianism, however what we seem to connect it with is the current situation in football. This essay is written by an historian and a sociologist who both have long experience of examining the evidence for sectarianism and antiCatholicism in the period since the Great War at the Sectarianism is a form of bigotry, discrimination, or hatred arising from attaching relations of inferiority and superiority to differences between subdivisions within a group.

Common examples are denominations of a religion, ethnic identity, class, or region for citizens of a state and factions of a political movement. Sectarianism in Glasgow 1 NFO Social Research A. Introduction and methods Introduction and background Religious sectarianism has long been an issue in Scotland. SCOTLANDS. SECRET SHAME Mail bombs, violence, death threats, even murder sectarianism in Scotland is getting out of control.

The Teachers Re: SOURCE takes an " Sectarianism has no place in Scotland in the 21st century and we are fully committed to help rid Scotland of the prejudices of the past and tackling this problem which has blighted many communities. In Scotland, sectarianism has been a problem since Protestantism emerged as a religion in the fifteenth century and was later adopted by Scotland at the time a predominantly Catholic country as its national religion in 1560.

Sectarianism in Scotland emerged after 16th century reformations of the Church of Scotland (Sanders, Origins! of Sectarianism). At the beginning of the 16th century, Scotland was a piously Catholic nation.

Sectarianism in Glasgow takes the form of religious and political sectarian rivalry between Roman Catholics and Protestants. It is reinforced by the fierce rivalry between Celtic F. C. and Rangers F. C.the two Old Firm football clubs whose support is traditionally predominantly Catholic and Protestant respectively.

The word sectarianism is very often used in Scotland today in association with divisions within a religion, particularly in reference to Sectarianism in scotland essay and the division which can exist between Catholic and Protestant people. Sectarianism can also be Institutional sectarianism, once rife in Scotland, is long dead. Fifty years ago, Catholics would have found it difficult to enter certain trades and professions.

In the six years since his death, sectarianism has continued to plague Scotland, claiming the lives of seven other young men, scarring and maiming countless others, and clouding the achievements

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