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Alaska Fishing Job Search Strategy. If you are looking to work as a deckhand in the crab fishery your first time out, you may find yourself wandering the docks rather than earning money working on a crab boat. If you are heading into a region where processors are in great need, halibut processing and salmon processing regions are your best Alaska Fishing Boat Deckhand Jobs. If not, watch it to learn what Alaska crab fishing jobs are all about including what a crab boat deckhand endures!

The fishing industry operates yearround in Alaska, so its possible to find open deckhand positions or other jobs on fishing boats any time of year. My name is Calvin and I am 20 Jan 20, 2008  Crab Rationalization: A perspective from an Alaskan Heads up Rollo FansCapt Eric coming up in season 4! 11 Responses to Interested in Jenny met her husband Pat on board a fishing vessel in Ketchikan in the mid 1980s and together they started their fishing business, St.

George Marine Inc. If your interested please come down to the Gilmore hotel and drop off your application and resume. Alaskan Halibut and Chips. Red Alaskan King Crab. Dwyer's Crab and Fish In the 80s during the king crab boom, boat captains could regularly earn US150k a season. The Alaskan crab fishing crashed in 1983 and picked up in the year 2001 and so on but still it commands the highest pay.

How To Prepare Alaska King Crab; How To Prepare Alaska Sockeye Salmon; Who We Are; Our Fishermen Careers. Seasonal Processor Positions. Statewide Seasonal Processors (Anchorage, Kenai, Togiak, Kotzebue, Naknek and Cordova, Alaska) Please complete job application linked here. Qualified candidates will be contacted for Grab a Deckhand Job on a Fishing Boat in Alaska!

Did you know that nonAlaskans hold 57 of jobs in the Alaskan fishing industry? Many people journey to the Great White North and make a living for a season or lifetime working in this cool and exciting industry. The Greenhorn's Guide to Alaska Fishing Jobs: Stepbystep guide to employment in the Alaskan fisheries salmon, halibut, crab, cod, pollock, deck hand& processor jobs by Mark Maricich Since 1992, " The Greenhorn's Guide to Alaska Fishing Jobs" has helped thousands of job seekers find fishing jobs in Alaska.

List your resume and personal profile in our proprietary JobSeekers Database that employers can search Detailed profiles of over 8, 000 commercial fishing boat employers (including crab boats, salmon boats, longlining boats, and" I didn't know much about Alaska and the Alaskan fishing industry until I read your information. How to get work on an Alaskan fishing boat. Brad Whipple. Jan 20, 2008. Crab fishing in the wintertime offered similar opportunity.

A young man could get on a plane in Anchorage and have a job before he landed in Dutch Harbor. There is no application process, were going straight to the interviews. Good health is a requirement for employment and continued employment. Periodic physicals are required. The hiring process begins by accurately completing an application. For those people intrigued by commercial fishing from exposure to the show" Deadliest Catch" on the Discovery Channel, they will be satisfied by the book's coverage of the Alaskan crab fishing industry, technical details necessary for crab fishermen, as well as suggestions for gear and job hunting tips.

How to Find a Job as a King Crab Fisherman Alaska crabfishing is a very dangerous job. Every year, the fearless crab fishermen of North America fight against the worst weather conditions and work environment to get as many king crabs as possible.

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