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Sep 17, 2012  Would it be equivalent to" Omit degree from resume on my resume to omit my advanced degree? Or should I just do what I need to for now in order to get a Since it's usually best to tailor your resume to the desired job anyway, when you apply for a position where you feel a degree would be a negative, simply omit mentioning it.

Might it work? If you are correct in your assessment that a doctorate is viewed as a negative for a particular position, then it certainly could work. Pros and Cons of Dumbing Down a Resume. Perry Newman Some answers were based solely on the basis of academics while others were based on whether the degree left an employment gap on the resume. with the closest one to universal being not to omit an MBA off of a resume.

If youre struggling with this question, or any question Apr 05, 2018 Degree Track. When you list courses toward a degree, be specific. State the total number of credit hours, rather than simply saying that you made significant progress toward a degree. List courses in which your grade was a B or higher. These courses will count toward graduation.

If youre an experienced worker, you might be considering dumbing down your resume to land an interview for a position for which you might seem overqualified. This strategy could include downplaying or omitting work experience, resume Should I include a failed master's degree on my resume?

Unless there's something about this master's degree that outweighs the failures, you should leave it off. There's no point in bringing negatives into your discussion unless it is necessary. May 28, 2008 Should I omit my M. A and some of my higher ranking jobs (I taught at colleges) from my resume? I'm at my wits end trying to find a job and I'll dishwash for fcks sake! I'm two weeks away from living in a homeless shelter. Sep 18, 2012 Incomplete BS degree on resume I was wondering what the best way to list an incomplete bachelor's degree on a resume was.

I should have finished school in the spring of 2007 but for some stupid personal reasons I screwed up my last semester and didn't graduate.

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