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Sep 21, 2018  But I am sorely disappointed in how expensive these book tour tickets are. Michelle Obama is out here selling Beyonc priced tickets and I was not prepared, another Who is Michelle Obama was a great book it talks about what happened in her early life and what makes her the way she is. It also talks about her stuggles and challenges, time period, and people that influed her.

1964 Michelle is born on January 17 in Chicago, Illinois. 1989 She meets Barack Obama. 1992 She marries Barack Obama on October 3. 1998 Malia is born. 2001 Natasha, known as Sasha, is born. 2004 Barack is elected U. S. senator from Illinois. 2008 Barack is elected the fortyfourth presiden 2009 Sep 21, 2018 Rock On: Michelle Obama Book Tour Is Reaching High. People no longer have to pay to freeze their credit report from the three major credit bureaus.

Alexa Lardieri Sept. 21, 2018. I Am Michelle Obama: The First Lady captures the life of Michelle Obama through the eyes of a young girl who aspires to be like her. Through the book she find out that there is much more to the First Lady Michelle Obama than View book report michelle obama.

docx from ENGLISH 32 at Miami Palmetto Senior High School. Name: Sanaa Simmons Date: February 26, 2014 Grade: 7N Subject: Book Report Topic: Michelle Obama Michelle Peter Slevins Michelle Obama: A Life begins well.

The first third of the book tracks Michelles life until she meets Barack. Its a story cant be told enough as she receives the parenting that every child should have, excels in

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