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It's easier to figure out Design of Algorithms Homework II (Solutions) K. Subramani LCSEE, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 1 Problems 1. Each of ncustomers gives a hat to a hatcheck person at a restaurant. P) ) r r r 6 856 Randomized Algorithms David Karger Handout# 14, October 20, 2002 Homework 6 Solutions Problem Consider a perfect hash family F of size N.

For some f let a i for 2 F, n be the number of elements that f maps to the number i. Course Information: top: The course provides an introduction to randomized algorithms and probabilistic analysis of algorithms. Topics include tail estimates, design techniques, lowerbound Markov CS 174 Randomized Algorithms Prof.

Luca Trevisan Spring 2003 Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3: 305: 00 pm 310 Soda Homework 2 average 95, standard deviation 8. 1; Homework 3 (Solutions will be given in class May 8 and not posted on the web) Final: May 13, 58pm, 10 Evans. 6 856 Randomized Algorithms David Karger Handout# 4, September 21, 2002 Homework 1 Solutions Problem MR 1. 8.

(a) The mincut algorithm given in class works because at each step it is very unlikely (probability 2 n ) random bits. This approach fails only if all 4 runs fail to nd the kth element, which happens with probability O(1n).

Note this relies on the fact that in a single run of the original algorithm, we know whether or not we nd the kth element. Problem 2 MR 5. 12.

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