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Published fifty years ago, Michael Harringtons The Other America provided a sweeping description of poverty in the United States. Harrington is given credit for awakening the nation to the plight of the poor and forwarding the idea that the federal government should become heavily involved in trying to help. His book is routinely hailed as one of the Jun 21, 2012  Seeing What No One Else Could See.

2012. Fifty years ago, Michael Harringtons The Other America awoke the nation to the prevalence of poverty in its midst. PinIt Instapaper Pocket Email Print (Fred W. McdarrahGetty Images) A New York Times essay by an unnamed administration official reads like the opening Michael Harrington and the Culture Of Poverty Its been exactly fifty years since Americans, thanks to Michael Harringtons engaging book The Other America. If When Michael Harringtons The Other America: As Sundquist noted in a 1969 essay on the origins of the war on poverty, the Kennedy administration had been considering proposals.

Everything in the lives of the Other Americans conspired to keep them in poverty. Outside intervention by the federal government was necessary to improve Jun 21, 2009  Michael Harringtons culture of poverty thesis was an idea with unintended consequences. In researching the Commentary essay, Harrington picked up the notion of the culture of The Other Americans. Journalists who write on poverty often reduce their subjects to vessels of misery.

But empathy, not pity, is what the poor need. M odern writing about poverty began with Michael Harrington, The Other America proved groundbreaking, Michael Harrington The Other America: Poverty in the United States described the poor as trapped in a vicious cycle of want and a culture of deprivation. Because they could not afford good housing, a nutritious diet, and doctors, the poor got sick more often and for longer than more affluent Americans. 24. Rosa ParksIn Montgomery and In the fifty years since it was published, The Other America has been established as a seminal work of sociology.

This anniversary edition includes Michael Harringtons essays on poverty in the 1970s and 80s as well as a new introduction by Harringtons biographer, Maurice Isserman. This illuminating, profoundly moving classic is still all too relevant

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