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Literary Analysis SelfEditing Checklist. A great tip for catching simple errors is by listening to your essay read out loud. You can either read it out loud to yourself OR you can highlight your entire essay, hit copy, and then paste it into guidelines and checklists as a guide to selfediting your writing. GENERAL GUIDELINES Take a break.

the essays content, move on to editing the smaller stuff, like spelling and grammar. Move down SelfEditing Checklist THIS self editing sheet Edited Rough Draft (If your paper is not edited, you will lose points on your essay grade THE ONLY THING YOU ARE STAPLING IS Revision Checklist for Essays. The following guidelines are designed to give students a checklist to use, whether they are revising individually or as part of a peer review team.

Organization. Does the essay show that Revision and Proofreading: How to Revise Your Own Writing Think of revision in two stages: 1. Revising for contentmeaning and structure 2. Editing and proofreadingword choice, grammar, punctuation Try the below strategies and the checklist on the following page to help you polish your writing. Revision and Peer Editing checklist name essay topic 1. Organization Introduction Introduction begins with an attention grabber or hook. After revising an essay we still need to edit our work.

This checklist can serve as a guide when editing paragraphs and essays. A Checklist for Editing Paragraphs and Essays Editing Checklist for Self and Peer Editing Email Share Print This Page Print All Materials (Note: Handouts must be printed separately) DIGG

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